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5 years of oxygen sensorc

On July 2nd we participated in the exhibition in China.I have seen most of the participating companies and have a deeper understanding of the market demand for oxygen sensors.

It is often said that the car is fuel-free and the oxygen sensor is replaced. In fact, this is a very one-sided statement. First of all, there are many reasons for fuel consumption, not just the problem of oxygen sensors. Secondly, the service life of the oxygen sensor itself is very long, and it is easy to be easily damaged. The common oxygen sensor failure is mainly pollution. For example, if the silicon content in the gasoline exceeds the standard, white deposits on the surface of the oxygen sensor are generated, and the ferrocene antiknock agent is used. Gasoline will cause red deposits on the surface of the oxygen sensor. If the engine is not well burned, it will produce black carbon deposit on the surface of the oxygen sensor. When the ECU thinks that the oxygen sensor signal is abnormal, the oxygen sensor signal will not be adopted. In order to ensure that the dynamic fuel injection will be biased. Thick, so fuel consumption will increase.

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