Toyota Ignition System Spark Plug

Toyota Ignition System Spark Plug

Spark Plug K20HR-U role is to put the high voltage wires from the high voltage pulse discharge and breakdown the spark plug the air between two electrodes, produce electric spark to ignite the gas mixture in the cylinder.
Product description

Toyota  Ignition System Spark Plug

TypeSpark Plug
Fit to4runner Tacoma Tundra 4.0L V6  
Outer Thread
Spark position
Spark Plug1-Earthed Electrode

Spark plug function:

Is the work of the toyota ignition system spark plug will be tens of thousands of volts of high voltage is 

introduced into the combustion chamber, and generate an electric spark ignites mixture, and the ignition 

system and fuel supply system cooperate to make the engine work, common to a large extent determines

 the performance of the engine

Iridoplatinum spark plug advantage:

Outstanding sparking performance

Faster starting and smoother running

Improve the engine performance

Bum fuels more efficiently

Spark plug

spark plug

large spark plug

spark plug

Spark Plug Packing

spark plug


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