NISSAN Car Power Spark Plug

NISSAN Car Power Spark Plug

NISSAN 22401-53J06 BKR6EY Car Power Spark Plug Iridium
Product description

 NISSAN 22401-53J06 Car Power Spark Plug Iridium

Item namespark plug
Bore diameter1mm
Spark plug gap1mm
1 year

What symptom does the car have after spark plug?

Flashover is abnormal situation, spark plug work appear flashover of the spark plug of the combustion 

chamber, low due to bad combustion cylinder, weak power, high emissions and carbon deposition in 

cylinder, vehicles on the road, especially to accelerate the process of jitter, rub, underpowered, and 

even serious will keep shaking, with related equipment test may show lack of cylinder, the wording was 

on fire.

What type of spark plug is easy to flashover?

1. Old is longer, the high pressure cylinder line of more than 50000 kilometers without replacement, ignition 

coil of more than 80000 kilometers without replacement, contact the auto spark plug of ceramic insulators 

rubber aging serious or the oil leak was there, easy breakdown flashover;

2. Gasoline fuel gas instead of car, equivalent to the engine changes, engine and customized spark plug 

must be corresponding, modified employees and owners don't know how to change the spark plug type, 

because gas difficulties than gasoline, spark plug voltage increases, easy breakdown flashover;

3.Turbo-charged vehicles, and do not replace spark plug regularly, spark plug gap due to large loss, ignition 

voltage increased, easy to breakdown flashover;

4.When installing spark plug, the tool is very dirty, never wipe, or the hand of the spark plug is dirty, the oil is 

easily attached to the NISSAN car power spark plug ceramic body, which makes it easy to break through 


spark plug 

spark plug

Spark plug production process

spark plug

spark plug

spark plug

spark plug

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