Longlife Auto Parts Spark Plug For Teana

Longlife Auto Parts Spark Plug For Teana

Spark Plugs OEM PZFR5A-11 22401-5M015 for Nissan Teana 2.3
Product description

 Longlife auto parts spark plug for teana

NameSpark plug
Thread Length26.5 mm
Spark Plug1 - Earthed Electrode
Spark PlugFixed SAE connector
Outer Thread14.0 mm

How to deal with spark plug after flashover, how to avoid flashover again?

1. After flashover, the spark plug and cylinder line (ignition coil) must be replaced at the same time.

Because flashover current is usually at the same time will wholesale customized spark plug and ignition coil 

(cylinder) rubber lining breakdown, change only when a new generator longlife auto parts spark plug for teana, 

the ignition coil (cylinder) breakdown of the pathway is still there, like a wire connection, still before long, even 

one day, a new car spark plug still flashover.

2. Replace the ignition coil rubber sheath with the condition.

Take the four-cylinder car as an example, a set of cylinder line is usually about 100 yuan, a set of ignition 

coil generally several hundred yuan.

If your car is the ignition coil, auto ignition coil and the upper better appearance, use mileage is less than 

80000 kilometers, also face spend several hundred yuan, some people loathe to give up, then please 

search "ignition coil glue sheath", generally 10 to 20 yuan a sheath, manually remove the change.

Note that after the opening of the rubber cover, it may be loose, depending on the actual situation, it may 

need glue.

3. When installing the new generator spark plug, clean and install the sleeve, apply the high 

voltage insulating silicone grease, and pay attention to the spark plug.

spark plug

spark plug

Spark plug production process

spark plug

spark plug

spark plug

spark plug

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