Spark Plugs For Toyota Lexus

Spark Plugs For Toyota Lexus

Spark plug 90919-01247 ignition is to use the high voltage power breakdown of ignition coil to activate the surrounding combustion particles, forming flame nuclei, flame nuclear retransmission, igniting the surrounding combustible gas.
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auto parts 90919-01247 Spark Plug for Toyota Lexus

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Spark Plug




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The spark plug is used to introduce the pulse high voltage generated by the ignition coil into the

 combustion chamber. The electric spark generated by the electrode is used to ignite the mixture 

and complete the combustion. Spark plug the principle and the classification of the spark plug

 panels through repeated continuous power generation ignition, lit the mixture formation within 

the cylinder.

Spark plug common fault:

1. Spark plug ablation

1) The electrode is fused and the insulator is white

2) The electrode is round and the insulator has a scar

3) The top of the insulator is broken

4) The top of the insulator has gray and black stripes

2. The spark plugs have sediments

1) The spark plugs have oily deposits

2) There are black deposits on the spark plugs




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We make sure that all our Sensors are 100% tested. Also we supply one year factory warranty and 30, 000 km 

guarantee. All production process will be in strict accordance with ISO/TS 16949 standard.



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