Spark Plugs For Toyota Lexus

Spark Plugs For Toyota Lexus

Spark plug 90919-01247 ignition is to use the high voltage power breakdown of ignition coil to activate the surrounding combustion particles, forming flame nuclei, flame nuclear retransmission, igniting the surrounding combustible gas.
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auto parts 90919-01247 Spark Plug for Toyota Lexus

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Spark Plug




1 year


Neutral Package or according to your requirement

Delivery time

3-5 days after confirm order

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EXW-Guangzhou, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

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DHL, FedEx, TNT, by sea or air

Why use High-priced spark plugs?

High - priced auto spark plugs at the end of the process at the end of the "value". The platinum (cheap, 

about 100 yuan) noise is 78.8 decibels, one decibel higher than platinum (about 200 yuan). The epa defines 

70 decibels as the maximum noise that humans can tolerate, and each increase in noise levels of over 70 

decibels can cause greater damage to hearing. But don't be too excited to stand next to the idle engine 

and feel a little noisy. One gets into the car but looks like another. In other words, high-priced ignition system 

spark plugs do help reduce engine noise, but not enough to affect the ride comfort.

Buy Spark Plugs For Toyota Lexus, more should match according to use environment and engine parameter. 

Only the spark plug that truly conforms to the original factory data can make the engine run more stable and 


spark plug

spark plug

spark pkug

spark plug

sark plug

spark plug

park plugs



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