Laser Iridium Spark Plug For Toyota

Laser Iridium Spark Plug For Toyota

SK16R11 Laser Iridium 90919-01240 Spark Plug Toyota Corolla Prius
Product description

Laser Iridium 90919-01240 Spark Plug Toyota 

Item namespark plug
Thread lenght19mm
Spark plug4 mm
Spanner size
Outer thread14mm
Spark plug
1 - Earthed Electrode
Warranty1 year

what's spark plug leakage?

Spark plug leakage, professional called flashover, also known as creepage, arc, popular term for 

breakdown.Flashover refers to the phenomenon of discharge on the surface of a solid insulator when 

a gas or liquid dielectric is punctured around a solid insulator.

Some of the spark plug replacement and flashover present a very clear line, individual does not know 

customized Laser Iridium Spark Plug For Toyota auto repair work or the type of car repair work, will tell 

the owner spark plug has the crack, is cracked.Distinguish flashover or crack? The simplest method is to

find a piece of sandpaper, the flashover is on ceramic surface, grind a few to be able to wear off, the crack 

cannot grind away.Flashover is one or more black marks, some thick, some fine, some are multi-line 

segments, different shapes.

spark plug

Spark plug flashover cause:

1. The breakdown voltage of wholesale customized spark plug is larger due to excessive clearance;

2. There is a conductive stain on the ceramic insulator of spark plug due to the pollution or oil leakage 

during installation;

3. The ignition coil (or cylinder line) rubber sleeve is worn due to high temperature aging and cracks in the 

inner wall;When the above 3 points satisfy at least 1, the high-voltage piezoelectric does not discharge from 

the positive and negative electrode of the spark plug, and the path is discharged from the ceramic insulator 

of the spark plug to the shell, forming flashover.

4, spark plug center electrode ceramic insulators (commonly known as ceramic capitulum) here, if because 

ceramic capitulum causes abnormal shape and so on carbon deposition is more, or because of gasoline 

contains the metal additives such as MMT cause residues in attachment in ceramic small head, and can 

also cause ceramic small head arc ignition.

spark plug

Spark plug production process:

spark plug

spark plug

spark plug

spark plug

spark plug

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