Auto Spark Plug for Toyota Vios OEM: K16R-U11

Auto Spark Plug for Toyota Vios OEM: K16R-U11

Auto Spark Plugs for Toyota Vios; MOQ: 100 PCS; Unit Price: for latest price, please contact us directly; Port: Guangzhou; Payment terms: EXW-Guangzhou, T/T, PayPal, Western Union;
Product description

       Auto Spark Plug for Toyota Vios OEM:K16R-U11

Product description:


Spark Plug




Toyota Vios


Standard size


12 months


Neutral package or according to your requirement

Delivery time

Depend on your quantity

Payment term

EXW-Guangzhou, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

The inside of the generator spark plug will also be deliberately added to the resistance of 3 to 5 thousand 

euros, we were still talking about improving the electrical conductivity, so what is the resistance in the 

wholesale generator spark plug? Hidden within the spark plug is a ceramic resistor body, it can effectively 

reduce the ignition occurs when waves noise, the noise if not handled it is easy to form interference on the 

car radio or mobile device. So the next time someone complains about the low quality of the phone in the 

car,consider switching to a ignition system spark plug with a built-in ceramic resistor. According to the 

relationship between the electrical resistance and power output of the manufacturer, there is no difference 

between the spark plug with internal resistance and the spark plug without internal resistance.

In order to allow the spark plug to have a strong ability to adapt to the high speed and low speed of the 

engine, there is a copper core embedded in the center of auto spark plug for toyota vios , which has a 

great contribution to the heat dissipation.

spark plug

spark plug

spark plug

spark plug

spark plug

spark plug

Welcome to wholesale the high quality auto spark plug for toyota vios oem: k16r-u11 with 

our factory. As one of the professional and experienced China manufacturers and suppliers,

 we also offer the customized service.


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