Fuel Injector Spare Parts For Toyota

Fuel Injector Spare Parts For Toyota

OEM: 0280155870 As one of the key parts of the electric jet engine, the oil nozzle, its work will seriously affect the performance of the engine.The nozzle blockage can seriously affect the performance of the car.
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Fuel Injector Spare parts for Toyota

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Toyota Vios 2002-2006 1.3L 




Fuel Maxture Formation

Petrol Injection





When the nozzle is slightly blocked, it also has a certain effect on the condition of the car. Sometimes 

appear such failures: hang a block, start, some car jitter, such as hanging high in speed, this phenomenon 

disappear again, if the various sensors work on the car, throttle body is cleaned, the circuit is normal, it 

may well be fuel injector spare parts for Toyota replacement slightly blocked. But when the high gear speeds 

up, it is possible that the glitter is sprayed out (dissolved) and the car's performance is restored. Such a 

slight blockage of the aftermarket gasoline fuel injector  nozzle is generally not cleaned. Because a slight gel 

can be dissolved. So running a high speed on a regular basis can reduce the formation of carbon.

Injector commont problem

1.Dirty Fuel Injectors

2.Clogged Fuel Injectors

3.Fuel Injector Does Not Open

4.Fuel Injector Does Not Close

5.Fuel Injector Leaks


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All our Fuel Injectors are Brand new and meet to TS16949 certification


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