Porsche Direct Replacement Ignition Coil

Porsche Direct Replacement Ignition Coil

OEM: 94860210414 The ignition coil takes power from the generator and relays it to the spark plugs. This ignites the fuel and makes your vehicle run.
Product description

Porsche Direct Replacement ignition coil

Type:                                                     ignition coil

Make:                                                    Porsche Cayenne 08-16

Brand:                                                   LUANBO

Warranty:                                               1 year

Delivery time:                                        5 working day, depend on your quantity

Payment:                                                TT,  Western Union, Paypal

Ignition coil is equivalent to an autotransformer, by around the core of the primary coil and secondary 

coil, its function is to storage battery or generator low-voltage DianZhuan into 15 to 20 kv high voltage. 

The distributor of distributor to each cylinder, spark plug gap breakdown and edm, lighting rod gas 

generation. Tend to be found in the process of the use of car maintenance ignition coil pack early bad 

phenomenon. The Porsche direct replacement ignition coil is a major part of the gasoline engine ignition 

system, if due to the improper use of maintenance, which likely early damage and even loss of the accident. 

Its shell burning hands and sealed insulating material drain constituents of coil melting splash, make the 

engine hood Inner Mongolia on a drill MCE flush. Black may also extrusive flame ignition discharge of gas 

and fire.

ignition coil

ignition coil

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