Ignition Coil Pack For Toyota

Ignition Coil Pack For Toyota

The ignition coil(90919-02216) is actually a transformer (with primary windings, secondary windings, iron cores and insulating materials).
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Ignition Coil Pack for Toyota

Items nameignition coil
Fit toToyota
Warranty1 year

What's the ignition coil?

The ignition coil, also known as the high voltage coil, ACTS as a 12-volt volt in the car, rising to 

10, 000 volts of high voltage, passing it to the spark plug and igniting the mixture. There are two 

kinds of ignition coil Settings: first, the ignition coil is placed in a certain part of the cabin, and the 

high voltage is distributed through the distributor, and the cylinder line is passed to the spark plug. 

The second is to place ignition coil pack for toyota at the top of the spark plug directly connected to 

the spark plug. The design requires each cylinder to have a ignition coil, and four cylinder engines 

have to have four ignition coils that cost more, but are more efficient. At present, car engines are 

mostly designed like this.

Why choose this modified ignition coil,they have a few benefits:

1. The most obvious effect is to lift the middle and low speed of the driving.

2. Eliminate carbon, better protect the engine, lengthen the life of the engine.

3. Reduce or eliminate the engine's resonance.

4. Burn fully and reduce emissions

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Ignition coil

ignition coil

oxygen sensor




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