Auto Parts Ignition Coil 4M5G-12A366-BC For Ford

Auto Parts Ignition Coil 4M5G-12A366-BC For Ford

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    Ignition Coil 4M5G-12A366 for Ford 

Ignition Coil
Brand Name
Luan bo
Warranty1 year
Delivery time5 working days, depeng on your quantity

The usual auto ignition coil contains two sets of coils, primary and secondary coils. The primary coil is 

covered with a thicker enameled wire, usually about 200 to 500 turns with the enameled wire of about 

0.5 to 1 mm. The secondary coil is covered with a thin enameled wire, usually around 15,000-25,000 

turns with a enameled wire of about 0.1 mm.

Ignition coil dual cylinder ignition mode: 

The two-cylinder ignition method refers to the combination of two cylinders with a ignition coil pack, so 

this type of ignition can only be used on the engine with an even number of cylinders. If on a four-cylinder 

machine, when two cylinder piston at the same time close to the check point (one is the compression is 

another exhaust), the two share the same spark plug ignition system coil and ignition at the same time, this 

time is an effective ignition  the other is invalid under high pressure low temperature of mixture, the former the 

latter in the low pressure in the high temperature of waste gas, so the resistance of the spark plug electrodes 

of the two completely different, energy is different also, result in much more effective ignition energy, about 80% 

of the total energy.

Auto Parts Ignition Coil 4M5G-12A366-BC For Ford



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