High Performance Auto Ignition Coil BMW

High Performance Auto Ignition Coil BMW

OEM: 12131703227 The advantages of the closed magnetic ignition coil are that the leakage is less, the energy loss is small, the volume is small, so the electronic ignition system is generally used with closed magnetic ignition coil.
Product description

High Performance Auto Ignition Coil BMW

Name:                                                              Ignition coil

Make:                                                               BMW

Specification:                                                  3 Terminal

Weight:                                                             0.5 kg

Compatibility list

BMW 323CI2000

The coil of fire is divided into two types: magnetic and closed magnetic, the traditional ignition

 coil is made of a magnetic type with a core of 0.3 mm or so of silicon steel, and the core is 

surrounded by secondary and primary coils, closed magnetic type, the use of the shape of Ⅲ

 core around the primary coil, and then around the secondary coil, the magnetic field lines composed

 closed magnetic circuit core.

When need to change the ignition coil?

(1) Engine Ignition Coil overheating: ignition coil surface temperature greater than 95 ℃, high performance 

auto ignition coil BMW internal short circuit, must be replaced.

(2) Customized Ignition Coil is too cold: the ignition coil surface temperature and ambient temperature 

are equal when starting, indicating that the ignition coil is broken and must be replaced.

(3) the ignition module overheating: ignition module temperature higher than 100 ℃, ignition module internal 

short circuit, must be replaced.

(4) The ignition module is too cold: the ignition module and ambient temperature are equal at startup, indicating 

that the ignition module is broken inside and must be replaced.

ignition coil


ignition coil

ignition coil

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