Automotive Parts Ignition Coil For Porsche

Automotive Parts Ignition Coil For Porsche

High quality Dry Ignition coil for GT 5.7L OEM 94860210401 94860210403 94860210405
Product description

automotive parts ignition coil for Porsche

TypeIgnition Coil
Car MakePorsche Cayenne 03-06

There are several reasons for the ignition coil damage

1. The engine does not work, and the ignition switch is not closed for a long time, because the thermal 

effect of the current damages the coil insulation in the ignition coil

2. The engine overheats and the coil insulating varnish is baked.

3. The gap of spark plug electrode is too large, increase the load of ignition coil, make high voltage

 coil breakdown, cause short circuit or break.

4. High voltage line breaking, resulting in high voltage, which can easily cause high pressure coil to

 be worn. Whenthe engine is not easy to start, check whether the high voltage line is broken.


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