Auto Parts Ignition Coil For Fomoco

Auto Parts Ignition Coil For Fomoco

OEM: 6M86-12A366 When the engine is running, the ignition coil often has tens of thousands of volts of high voltage pulse current,because of its long work in the environment of high temperature, dust and vibration, it inevitably produces aging and even breakage.
Product description

          Fomoco 6M86-12A366 Ignition Coil

TypeIgnition Coil
Fit to Fomoco
BrandLuan bo
Warranty1 year


There main tyes of ignition coil

Closed magnetic circuit ignition coil

The plug type ignition coil

Bar-shaped ignition coil

Use Numbers to indicate the purpose of the ignition coil:

1.-- Singal or double cylinder engine

2-- 4 ,6 cylinder engine

3-- 4,6 cylinder engine( with added resistance)

4- 6,8 cylinder engine( with added resistance)

5-- above 6, 8 cylinder engine

6- above 8 cylinder engine

7-- non-contact distributor

8-- high energy ignition

9-- others( include 3,5,7 cylinder engine)



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