Aftermarket Parts Ignition Coil Mazda

Aftermarket Parts Ignition Coil Mazda

ZL01-18-100B Ignition Coil is one of the important parts in Ignition System. Our company offer hight quality and good pricing Ignition Coil,and ensure all our product are brand new.
Product description


  Aftermarket parts ignition coil mazda ZL01-18-100B

TypeIgnition coil
Fit toMazda 323
Warranty1 year
Delivery time7 working days

Ignition Coil

The appliance in the engine to make spark plug ignite and set fire of the mixed gas in the cylinder, is

called ignition device. After adopted the electric ignition system, the ignition device is mainly refers 

to ignition coil, ignition electronic module and spark plug, the function of sparl plug is to transform the

low voltage into hight voltage, to make spark ignite. with the change of social environment, there have

higher requirements for the engine- ask for high performance, high efficiency and also meet the 

requirements of emissions regulations, therefore, Improve the process of vehicle assembly, vehicle 

reliability are what we will always pursue.

Auto Ignition coil advantage:

Aftermarket parts ignition coil mazda can increase the ignition energy by 14% because it eliminates the 

energy loss between the ignition head and the side electrode in the distributor. The advantage of this car 

ignition coil is to omit the distributor, eliminating the spark between the ignition head and the side electrode, 

and reducing the electromagnetic interference to the outside world. Ensure engine work in optimum working 

condition, reduce harmful gas emission, reduce fuel consumption.

Our servie

According to the OEM standard


Have enough energy

1 year warranty

Fine workmanship

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