Auto Parts Fuel Pump For VW

Auto Parts Fuel Pump For VW

Fuel pressure is an important factor during fuel pump shopping, because fuel pumps have different flow ratings at different pressures.
Product description

Auto Parts Fuel Pump for VW

Fuel pressure is an important factor during fuel pump shopping, for several reasons,fuel pumps have different 

flow ratings at different pressures. First , as fuel pressure increases, fuel volume decreases,Another important 

factor is fuel flow, Fuel pumps are marketed with specific flow ratings-mechanical fuel pumps are rated in gallons 

per hour, or gph. 

Name:                                               Fuel   Pump

Fit to:                                                 VW  Hyundai  ISUZU   MAZDA  TOYOTA

Pressure:                                          3 bar

Flow:                                                  100 H/L

Volt:                                                    12 V

Airtex:                                                 E8229

Bosch:                                                0580453408  0580453618  0580433434  0580453449




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