VW Tiguan Smart Electric Tailgate

VW Tiguan Smart Electric Tailgate

Electric tailgate is very convenient in many ways
Product description

VW Tiguan Smart electric tailgate

Electric tailgate advantage:

1.Height adjustable tail the door opened, the owner can be used according to the habits, through the 

manual button to set the tail finally opened the door height, simply press end key door is open, it is 

open to booking height, and then gently open key more than 5 seconds, to hear the sound "di", and 

can complete the tail door open height setting. The next time the gate is opened, the height will 

automatically rise to the set height.

2. When the door is closed, the barrier is detected through the sensor. When the door is opened or 

closed, obstacles are encountered. The door will move in the opposite direction to prevent the injured 

or damage the vehicle.

Why choose our electric tail gate?

1. The motor USES import motor and is equipped with a highly sophisticated planetary reducer capable 

of controlling noise to 40 to 50 decibels, below the normal decibel level.

2.The damper is another key component of the VW Tiguan Smart electric tailgate ,and most of the products 

on the market are not equipped with dampers.Our power tailgate use latest technology damper can make 

the stern door run smoothly in open and closed. It also has the ability to cushion the internal structure of the 

pole, avoiding long time use of the other accessories inside the brace.

Our Electric Tailgate after-sale service:

1. We can offer installation instruction.

2. Provide online support services, when you install have any problem can contact us,we will provide you 

technical support.

3. Accept local currency. Such as Egypt、Nigeria、Russia、Ghana、Kenya、Uganda、Tanzania、South 

Sudan、Rwanda、Congo ect. You don't need to pay Bank fee.


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Welcome to wholesale the high quality vw tiguan smart electric tailgate with our factory. As one of the professional and experienced China manufacturers and suppliers, we also offer the customized service.
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