Smart Electric Tailgate Lift For Tucson

Smart Electric Tailgate Lift For Tucson

Smart electric tailgate is a brand-new car refitting intelligent system. The driver can easily control the opening and closing of the stern door with the control of the car keys and other ways.
Product description

Smart electric tailgate lift for Tucson 2015-2016

Safety of electric tail door:

Which road chang Smart Electric Tailgate Lift For Tucson all installation wiring harness is to use the original 

car interface, without broke line, can ensure the safety of the original car line, and the system control box 

adopts the design of low power consumption,close the door lock the car after the standby current < 1 ma, 

won't cause the original car battery supply.

Electric tailgate lift detail display:

Electric tailgate brace:The built-in motor is shorter and smaller, providing strong power, with a higher 

level of technology on the side, a smaller sound and a wider range of fit models.

Tailgate Intelligent

Large suction motor: With the original car current and voltage matching provides strong suction.

tailgate lock.jpg

ECU Control module: Depth matching, non-destructive docking, good compatibility.On both 

sides of the heat sink design, the heat when the work generates will be cathartic, and the effective 

heat dissipation.

tailgate control module

Electric tailgate brace ball:

tailgate ball

There are three ways to control small electric tailgate:Control of the original car key,Bridge control,

Trunk control.Intelligent operation, convenient and fast.

electric tailgate button

                                          tailgate button

tailgate key

Power tailgate installed effect

tailgate lift

tailgate lift


Power tailgate Packing

tailgate packing

tailgate packing

tailgate packing

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