Power Electric Tailgate Lift For Qashqai

Power Electric Tailgate Lift For Qashqai

A smart electric tail gate is very valuable.
Product description

Power Electric tailgate lift for Qashqai

Electric tailgate main function:

1. Control by the remote. The driver can open and close the door with the key of the rear door of the 

vehicle, the key of the remote-control car, or the operation of the hand or any object in the corresponding 

area of the power llectric tailgate lift for Qashqai.

2. Smart clamping function. When the door is closed, the barrier is detected through the sensor. When the 

door is opened or closed, obstacles are encountered. The door will move in the opposite direction to prevent 

the injured or damage the vehicle.

Small electric tailgate:

New imported upgrade motor , dual-engine high power, low noise, after 50,000 tests,Gated switch 

continuous work up to 2500000 times.Motor assembly continuous work up to 1200000 times.

Tailgate Intelligent

ECU control box, the box uses environmentally friendly high temperature materials, to ensure that the 

movement from high temperature, to ensure stable operation.High-intelligence system chip, low power 

consumption, high sensitivity.

tail gate ECU

Low-noise electric motor, providing strong power, more stable, more durable

tailgate motor.jpg

With the original wiring hardness on the plug


List of tailgate accessories

tailgate lift

Three ways control power tailgate

tailgate button

                                        tailgate button

tailgate button


tailgate packing

About us

tailgate pole


tailgate packing

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