Car Electric Tailgate Lift For Fortuner

Car Electric Tailgate Lift For Fortuner

As the car becomes more intelligent, the retrofitted electric tailgate seems to be part of the car owner's life.
Product description

Car electric tailgate lift system for Fortuner 15

The products of electric tailgate in the market are divided into two types: single bar and double pole, in 

which the controller and electric putter play an important role in the electric tail door , double pole electric 

tail gate are relatively more reassuring to use, because of the double pole electric tail door to the left and 

right coordination is consistent with the poles, tail gate stress was more uniform, their support is also 

better, natural to avoid the doors variant problem in the future, so I won't because switch for a long time, 

after the collision and deformation.


auto parts.jpg

small electric tailgate

Three ways to control the electric tail door


                                          tailgate button

tailgate key

tailgate installation

Small electric tailgate 

tailgate pole

tailgate lift

small tailgate lift

tailgate packing

tailgate packing

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