Side Step Bar Pedals For Toyota

Side Step Bar Pedals For Toyota

Electric running boards are perfect for drivers who want to get in and out of their cars safely and in style. The boards are available in many different shapes and sizes all from different manufacturers. What separates these boards from the normal ones is that these retract below the vehicle when the door is closed and come back out when opened. These boards also provide better clearance than the fixed ones making them perfect for off road driving.
Product description

Side Step Bar Pedals For Toyota

The electric running board is a worthwhile investment for drivers seeking both comfort and performance. 

Manufactured with durable, strong materials, the board provides support when you need it and retracts out 

of the way when you don’t. This gives you better clearance, safety and performance.

Fit toHighlander
Weight16-18 kg
Warranty1 year

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