Automatic Running Boards For Volvo

Automatic Running Boards For Volvo

Intelligent off-road vehicle electric pedal, open the new age of love car intelligence!
Product description

Automatic running boards for Volvo XC60

Electric pedal advantage:

1. The outstretched way is extended to the lower level, instead of flat in and out, lowering the height after 

reaching out, which actually reduces the cross-step amplitude, and extends a large amount to facilitate 

the stomping.

2. The four doors of smart automatic running boards for Volvo can be opened no matter which, the pedal 

can reach out, the front and rear doors are closed, the pedal will be retracted, which will be convenient for 

the rear passengers.

3. Intelligent electric pedals can detect obstacles intelligently when retracted, to prevent accidents such as 

damaged pedals, body and clip.

Our Electric pedal features:

electric side step

electric side step

electric side step

Ford Explorer side step

electric side step

Infiniti QX60/JX35

electric side step 

Cayenne 11-17

Cayenne side step

Audi Q5 side step

electric side step

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